This summer something spectacular is happening in the women’s wardrobe. The outfits of the day get more sensuality and sex appeal because seemingly evening songs are released worldwide just in the day, in the high noon. The trend is called Nightwear to Daywear, so it doesn’t surprise us at all to see celebrities wearing lightweight pajamas and dresses take on refined lace applications from a sexy nightgown. The phenomenon can be found even on the red carpet, so it is on the wave.
Ultra-luxurious day pajamas have appeared in the collections of John Galliano, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Zac Posen, Loewe. Silk was found in the collections Louis Vuitton and Valentino and Balmain surprised again by integrating a classic material such as velvet.

Pajamas to go: how to wear pajamas during the day

Of course you will feel so comfortable and relaxed in a pajamas day.
I would think so, as this trend started for some time and continues intensely. Pajamas are the clothes we feel best in. We associate them with rest, sleep, relaxation in a spoiled weekend bed, late weekend coffee, dreaming, comfort, the true “I”. The pajamas that find inspiration in men’s models are wonderful. There’s no way to get your asshole into a sexy to go pajamas, as Givenchy suggested for example. Mixing the bearded model (blouse with collar and lapel) with feminine details (satin texture, flared trousers, lace top underneath) the designer managed to juxtapose two very sexy contrasts.

5 things to consider when choosing a winter pajamas

What are the essentials that we must take into account in order for them to give us everything we want? Let’s see today together five things to keep in mind when choosing a winter pajamas.

1. Warm material that lets the skin breathe

Enjoying a pleasant warmth at night is a universal desire. But do not sweat and suffer from cold in the morning when you wake up. Therefore, one of the most recommended materials is cotton, an excellent choice because it does not irritate the skin and is soft.

Moreover, if you choose a cotton pajamas combined with elastane, your pajamas will soften on the lines of your body, keeping it warm and giving you a sweet sleep.

2. Versatile model

We must admit that few things compare to those moments of relaxation and laziness you spend at home doing your favorite things. If you choose a pajamas with a versatile design, a set, for example, compared to a classic pajamas, you can also wear it as lounge wear on your relaxed weekends.

3. Your sleeping habits

So far I have discussed the qualities that the pajamas should fulfill in terms of design and the material from which it is made.

But what about your sleeping habits? Are you a frigid person who is just waiting to be covered with numerous fluffy layers, or do you prefer a lighter sleeping style and not so infuriating? In other words: pajamas or nightgown? This choice depends on what comfort means to you and how much you love to cover your body while you sleep.

Pajamas should also reflect your lifestyle and your personal tastes. As a tip, even if you prefer a nightgown, be careful to choose one from a silky and tactile cotton. You will feel great and sleep the way you want.

4. The size of the pajamas

We are often tempted to choose pajamas with a larger number-two, because we feel that it will be more comfortable for us. Maybe we want to wear a t-shirt or shirt underneath. Well, you have to be careful that the size of the pajamas you buy is the right one – a too tight pajamas can embarrass you during sleep, and a too-large pajamas will not protect you from the cold.

5. Maintenance

The more you care about your winter pajamas, the more they will retain their qualities – color, texture, ability to protect you from the cold and to give you a pleasant touch on the skin. This means that proper maintenance of the pajamas is something you have to think about before buying them.

The good news is that a quality cotton pajamas is easy to maintain, as it can be machine washed. But be careful not to load the washing machine too much because detergents and conditioners can seep into the fabric, beating the material over time. Also, if you choose colored pajamas, make sure they are of good quality to prevent discoloration or color transfer when washing them with other clothes.

Pajamas, a favorite outfit to stay at home

In an article published on October 23, 2017, the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan UK noted a study conducted by the London store Liberty. He asked 2,000 people about their habits at home. 90% of respondents would spend a large part of their time at home in their pajamas, well before going to bed. 14% of respondents would even jump straight into their sleepwear as soon as they arrive at their home, even before dinner.

Pajamas worn out of bed

13% of the women polled also admitted to having already dared to do their shopping in pajamas. 1 in 6 can put on their pajamas once on an airplane, during air travel. Interesting habits for the London department store, which was carrying out this study to launch its new collection of pajamas.

Another British survey by the mattress company Ergoflex, and spotted by the DailyMail in January 2015, found that English men would keep their pajamas for 13 days without washing them, while their female counterparts would last up to 17 days. Given the time spent outside the bed in pajamas, it should actually be washed once a week, according to many specialists. Praising the wearing of nightwear on the street for several seasons, as the Erdem x H&M collab proves in store on November 2, the creators will not leave you outdone to stock up on stylish interior clothes.

Pajama 2020 – very relaxed item

What could be more pleasant than lounging at home, comfortably installed in your sofa, after a long and hard day at work? For relaxation to be optimal, it is essential to be dressed in a comfortable outfit. And comfort level, what could be better than pajamas? According to a recent study, pajamas would be popular with the majority of the population when spending the day at home.

Some people will have the same habits when they spend a day at home or at work: waking up, showering, putting on makeup and getting dressed. While others prefer to stay in pajamas all day. There is also an innovative concept: the “day pajamas”! What is it ? These are pajamas that you wear exclusively for relaxing at home, but that you don’t sleep with. So we change from a night pajamas to a day pajamas. The democratization (liberalization) of pajamas goes even further: fashion addicts even go as far as wearing nightdresses and striped pajamas with a pair of stilettos.

How to choose your day pajamas?

You don’t choose daytime pajamas the same way you go to sleep! Indeed, if acrylic or wool type materials are to be avoided for pajamas because they are too hot materials, they will be perfect for a garment to relax during the day.

Leave room also for fantasy if you appreciate this extravagance: patterned and colorful pajamas, you might as well go for it! We especially love the presence of cute animals or funny details like cat ears.

Because hanging out and relaxing in your pajamas for hours does not mean that you have to give up your style. No question of dressing in a shapeless jogging, too old and tired for example!

We like to choose slightly loose pajamas so that you can move freely during the day, whether you are lying on the sofa watching a movie or busy cooking, for example. The pajama bottoms must fall well on the hips for a natural and elegant look.

The next time you want to spend a day in cocooning mode, either to give yourself time for yourself, or because the weather does not allow you to put a toe outside, think of pajamas! This is also a great idea for a birthday or holiday gift, which will always prove useful!

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