Not many times women borrow clothes from their living partner’s wardrobe and manage to get an elegant and comfortable outfit at the same time. This fall, loose clothing is trendy, and oversized sweaters are no exception. You can choose them to make different outfits, where you can add that they fit any type of silhouette, managing to conceal small imperfections.

If you are a more bold and you like to make interesting combinations, the oversized sweater may seem boring to you, especially since you can think of the jeans-sweater combination. Well, it can be worn in a lot of combinations, and if you choose the right accessories, you can get a very stylized outfit.

Here are some ideas on how to wear this piece of clothing without getting a monotonous hold:

Jeans and sweater

We know it’s the classic combination, but if you choose a pair of thicker shoes and a shopper bag, you can change the whole outfit. If you want to emphasize your outfit, put the front of the sweater in jeans.

Sweater and skirt – short, midi or long

Even if the fall came, that does not mean you have to give up skirts and dresses as long as you combine them with clothing to keep you warm.

Sweater and shorts

An over-sized sweater and a pair of short leather shorts will help you get a comfortable fit, but to highlight your femininity.

The oversized sweater is your best friend in the winter. That’s because wherever you go, it will keep you warm and will also guarantee that you look impeccably.

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