Over the knee boots 2016

If you want something chic, hot but also to protect you from cold, don’t hesitate to choose a pair of over the knee boots.
Over the knee boots are still trendy in the winter of 2014-2015, being a part of the category of footwear that you can’t ignore. Their period of glory if you would like was in the ‘80s, but this type of boots is more and more present lately, not only on the catwalks but on the street too. Our faithful readers know that we always believe that the real, authentic fashion is the one that catches the public, the one that we see on the street.
The main advantage of the over the knee boots is that they highlight your feet. From this comes the recommendation to avoid this type of boots if you have short legs. These boots can be made of leather, suede, lacquered leather or even made of velvet. No matter their fabric, they are a piece of outfit always ready to help you during the cold season. Being so high on the leg, they can protect you very well from cold.
Many women are tempted to consider them too vulgar, too hot. Well, this is a questionable subject. I believe that if you are creative you will surely find a combo that will look interesting and suitable to you.

Here are some models of over the knee boots for 2015:

women over the knee boot 2015

ladies over the knee boot 2015

ultimate over the knee boots 2015

best over the knee boots for women 2015

over the knee boot 2015-2016

2015-2016 over the knee boot

winter 2014-2015 over the knee boot

winter of 2014-2015 women over the knee boots

over the knee boots 2014-2015

I like a lot over the knee boots because they are easy to match, very attractive, protect you from cold as I have said above and they easily create the illusion that you have amazing legs.
These types of boots can be worn at your job (if the employer allows it of course), when going shopping, having a walk or in a club for a girls night out.

Bear in mind!
If you are not tall enough, try to avoid wearing them because they don’t look too good on very short women.

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