Over 40′ style mistakes

Once past 40 years old, a woman needs to feel fulfilled. Yes, you’re an over 40 women, so what? It’s not like the end of the world; in fact you’re living the mature period of your life so enjoy it.
Here are a few rule which, if followed, you will surely improve your look and feel awesome:
– Avoid no heels shoes. It’s true that you shouldn’t wear 9 inch heels shoes too, but no heels at all makes you look really old.
– Be very careful with your accessories: choose a decent bag, an elegant necklace and avoid wearing granny-glasses
– Continue to be informed and to use the latest gadgets (for example, you should have with you an Iphone not a tablet)
– Is mandatory to have your bra fitted perfectly. A wrong size will always disadvantage you.
– Don’t give up on skirts. Turning 40 has nothing to do with wearing skirts. Just be careful on their length. You could also try maxi skirts since they are very elegant and make you look chic.
– Be careful with colors: you don’t have to wear dark colors all the time. Be creative and cheer up your outfit now and then.

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