Whether you want to wear a light outfit, perfect for a walk or for a shopping session, or you want a slightly more extravagant outfit to help you stand out from the crowd, black ripped jeans are the ideal choice. They are extremely comfortable and quite versatile, so you have every reason to integrate them into your looks. However, since it is a garment with a strong personality, you need to know a few rules to wear them in style. So, here is a useful guide on how to build outfits with black ripped jeans.

Outfits With Black Ripped Jeans
Outfits With Black Ripped Jeans
Outfits With Black Ripped Jeans
Outfits With Black Ripped Jeans
Outfits With Black Ripped Jeans

Black jeans make dressing easier and more fun. If you want to create an original outfit that looks and feels chic, then definitely black ripped jeans. You can combine either heeled shoes, sandals or sports shoes, but the piece of resistance in your outfit will be represented by torn jeans.

Before 1970, torn jeans were associated with less fortunate people, more precisely, with the poor. The lower class of workers could not afford denim, so they could not take new pants, but wore the ones they had until they broke.
The truth is simple – long before people wore torn clothes as fashion items, they wore them as a simple necessity. The reality was reversed, and in the late 1980s, during the rock / heavy metal and punk era, ripped jeans became extremely popular and were worn as a sign of rebellion.

Basically, ripped jeans returned with the fashion of the ’80s, including high-waisted overalls or pants. Nowadays, you can find them everywhere, and the reason why consumers buy them and don’t make them at home alone, is because denim has become much stronger and harder to break (so that they look good).

Whether you want to feel comfortable and choose to wear the first things that fall into your hand, or you want an elegant outfit, ripped jeans are a handy solution. You can wear them in different combinations: shirts, T-shirts, kimonos or biker jackets. It’s all up to you how you choose to play. In addition, ripped jeans are a fairly easy item of clothing to find in stores, and even at very good prices.

Ripped jeans fit all types of silhouettes, are comfortable, and the cutouts leave the skin visible in a very sexy way. If you are not bold enough you can find a pair with discreet breaks. I allow myself to come up with a little trick: take the scissors and cut the hem for a fashionable look.

Outfits with ripped black jeans and shirts
If you want something more casual, you can choose a monochrome shirt, with bare shoulders, a denim shirt with metallic details or a plaid shirt and a pair of ballerinas or sneakers. Roll up the sleeves of the shirts for a cool look. You can even wear the shirt partially tucked into the waistband of the pants. But if you want an elegant outfit, you can easily wear a pair of stiletto shoes and a jacket. Accessorize everything with a necklace and a bag, and your new outfit is ready.

Black ripped jeans and T-shirts
During the summer you can very well choose to give up the shorts and replace them with a pair of ripped jeans. You can combine them with any t-shirts you want, whether they are colorful, simple, with prints or funny messages. You can also choose to wear a slightly shorter T-shirt to highlight your figure. And in the case of transparent T-shirts, the same rule applies as for transparent shirts, do not leave too much skin in sight so as not to give a vulgar feeling.

Dressed in black ripped jeans and a biker jacket
Sure, you own grunge-style clothes, so a biker jacket, a simple T-shirt, and a pair of black ankle boots are exactly what you need next to your favorite pair of jeans. If you want, you can also add a shirt tied at the waist.

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