How to dress at the office during the winter

The title of my today’s article it’s actually a dilemma which modern women are having every single day, not only during the winter.

Of course we have to establish from the beginning about what kind of job it’s about and I am referring to an office job. Having this in mind, it’s very important that we dress comfortable but also elegant. Because we are speaking about the cold season, we have to also protect ourselves from cold of course. Plus, the image we create at work it’s very important too.
Another aspect I would like to stress out it’s that our outfit not only has to match our personality bat also our company’s dress code. So, that’s a tough one, isn’t it? …
A classic outfit, which usually don’t fails it’s a suit made of two pieces like skirt and jacket. Avoid screaming colors and wear black, blue, grey or brown.
A strange trend I might say it’s the one according to which as women advance on the hierarchy scale, they are influenced more and more by the men’s outfits. It’s not a necessarily bad thing but even if you reach a key position try to keep your own personal touch on your outfits.
Because we are talking about the cold season, we have a very interesting tip for you: on casual Fridays or during the days when you don’t have meetings, try to replace the classic jacket with a one button sweater or even a vest.
As footwear, always follow the elegant style and wear black shoes since they never fail.
Don’t forget about the accessories because they are also important and completes your outfit. And when I’m talking about cold weather accessories I’m referring first of all to mufflers or scarves and bags. I advise you to choose big leather bags which will help you best considering your corporate lifestyle.

General rules for office outfits in the cold season:
– Avoid large clothes because you will feel cold and they are not very professional
– Avoid too hot clothes since there isn’t the place and season to wear them
– Avoid screaming colors
– Try to adopt your employer’s outfit style

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