A new year brings with it new fragrances. It’s already spring and all perfume fans have a reason to be happy, a lot of fragrances made their entrance on the market at the beginning of this year.

Specialists are saying that the way you choose your perfume talks about you and your character, in short it defines you. My opinion is that it’s very important to know how to choose and where to wear a fragrance.

Here are a few fragrance for ladies appeared in 2013 which brought my attention:

1. L’Occitane en Provence Cerisier Papillon

It couldn’t be better the season chose for  this perfume to appear, truly an excellent marketing decision because this fragrance is very elegant and fresh as spring. The latest notes of this fragrance have some extremely delicate aroma of fruits.


2. Balenciaga L’eau Rose

Here we have a youthful perfume, very dynamic, which can be still worn by mature persons but with care, remembering that it is still a preponderant juvenile perfume.


3. Hypnotic Poison – Eau Secrete

A fragrance with more than 15 years of history it’s coming back now with “Eau Secrete”. We are talking about a very  stylish and elegant perfume with notes of jasmine, fruits and little vanilla.


4. Roberto Cavalli Acqua

An enigmatic and classy mixture of jasmine with musk. Specialists are calling it “the turqoise successor of Roberto Cavalli Eau de Perfume.


5. Oscar de la Renta – Something Blue

A truly elegant and not just stylish , but very stylish perfume. Having mainly floral and mandarin notes, it was created to be worn in every moment of the day.

As you have seen, there are some truly interesting fragrances which I advise you at least to try them. Even if you already have a perfume to which you are loyal, it never hurts to try something new, to keep searching a perfect fragrance to suit your character and show up the aspects of your personality.


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