Necktie 2015

In fashion, details are making the difference. Whether it’s a stylish watch, a belt or a tie, a gesture of courtesy or simply saying hello, all those aspects build and cement your image every day. OK, today let’s talk about neckties. The necktie is a clothing accessory consisting of a narrow strip of fabric, usually silk which is knotted at the neck and the ends are usually left hanging on the chest.

Necktie is, first of all, a link between the components of the outfit, adding colors and texture combination. Ideally, this should not jump too hard in your eyes, but keep visual coherence in the context and do not make discordant note with the rest of the style. Indeed the tie should complete your outfit from all point of view, it should be a plus for you not only a simple element of your outfit.

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2015 best necktie

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2015 ultimate necktie

Most men are wrong when matching ties with shirts. Their mistake is that they does not harmonizes the tie to the rest of the outfit, and when it comes to matching they should take into account the colors, prints and matching body proportions between them. Well…yes it is important to be careful to the proportion and color combos. An issue is to keep a fair and simple balance between colors. If you have a uni color shirt you should choose a printed tie or maybe one with stripes.
The size of the necktie depends a lot of your body conformation. A large and athletic man will always wear a wide tie otherwise you should wear a narrow one.

Necktie is a nearly ubiquitous in every man’s wardrobe. If you will grant proper attention to this accessory you will be rewarded.

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