It’s no secret that perfumes have been and remain important elements in men’s personal care. Especially if we take into consideration how women love a man clean cut that smell good. If we talk about the most sensual and sophisticated fragrance, demand are very high and it is important to have the ability to make the right choice. In fact, perfume is and should be considered as a trump card. A man may undoubtedly become more attractive, more charming, more self-confident if it is accompanied by a sensual and sophisticated fragrance.

Boss In Motion Electric Cologne by Hugo Boss:

bvlgari aqua for men 2015-2016
A refreshing cologne more than special, a great option for all moments of the day. Surely you will be extremely attractive in front of girls.

Hermes Terre d’Hermes:

It’s already a “classic” high quality perfumes. Favored strong and sexy men. If you are sophisticated and have confidence in yourself, do not hesitate to use this fragrance because you definitely characterizes you.

Silver Shadow Private By Davidoff For Men

A woody oriental fragrance with the top notes of Virginia cedar, coriander and bitter orange, middle notes are patchouli, saffron and clove and base notes are oakmoss, amber, resin benzoate and cinnamon.

Escape by Calvin Klein:

A classic fragrance, very warm and perfect for the sophisticated modern man of today.

1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne for men

The bottle of this edition is very special, lend shades of gold, suggesting power, wealth, style and luxury. In composition to find a combination of grapefruit aromas, red orange, mint, rose, cinnamon, spices, white wood, patchouli and amber in a mix smell opulent, intense and extremely masculine. Paco Rabanne says: “In all civilizations and religions gold has always managed to seduce people.”

Angel By Thierry Mugler For Men

Thierry Mugler is a very special fragrance and present perfume is not a discordant note. Once opened, you can easily smell the patchouli and Atlas Cedars as well as the mint and lavender. The composition turns into explosive energy of coffee year in the warm scented Surrounding. Even the box is very special, specific Thierry Mugler.

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