Most popular perfumes for ladies in winter 2013

With the cold season, we feel the need to give the flavors intense and hot summer for some suitable for winter, with a bouquet that warms the soul in the body caressed by simplicity and purity of ingredients.

If in summer, are in great demand fresh scents, fragrances based on citrus combined with cool greens, spices and flowers, in winter go great oriental perfumes, especially floral and oriental fragrances oriental-woody fragrance. They are warm perfumes, opulent, spicy and sensual with intense notes of musk, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, exotic resins accompanied with exotic flowers and spices.

Whether there are sober and sophisticated young or live winter perfumes have to translate into a fairytale world, to keep you away from winter fatigue and smell familiar and cosy. Here is three proposition for this winter:

1. Thierry Mugler Alien

It is arguably one of the favorite perfumes of women from around the world. Works very well in winter because it is charming perfume, sexy, mysterious, sweet, hot and feminine as so powerful. It is one of the most powerful and persistent perfumes.

2. Versace Crystal Noir

Versace Crystal Noir perfume is an oriental fragrance of a rare essence, sensual, strong and very senzual.Primul thing that will catch your attention to this perfume before smell, bottle design is multifaceted as a diamond. Weighing a remarkable and impressive cover it up and send a message reminiscent of refinement.

3. Aromotique Elixir by Clinique

Relax the mind and warms the soul thanks to the mixture of fresh flowers and woody notes. It is as current today as it was 45 years ago when it was released.

We do not want to release 10 classic proposals as I saw that it works, we chose the most representative special to me and to you I hope you enjoy as much.

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