2013 Latest fashion trends will come with essentially the same lines, youthful, in which innovation and new occupy a very important place. Now ladies are so emancipated that apply  principles and fashion trends, so if you go out on the street will notice this immediately. In offices, the subway, on the street, wherever you may go you will find that fashion exists and applies very much in reality.

About fashion trends isn’t the first time we talk about, but today I’d like to tell you some trends I’ve notices and which I personally consider applicable in street fashion we used to talk for some time.
Woollies – knitted sweaters and obvious well-known cardigans and for the bold ones knitted dresses. They keep you worm and they are very very comfortable. You can wear them in one color but also models with more colors.
Matched suits – of course it’s a general trend but it’s a general trend but it’s very chic if you manage to have the same material on your coat and your pants.
Feather pants – it’s a characteristic which comes very strong back in our days. Depending on the material you can wear them even on cold weather not only on worm weather as they were to be worn in the past.
Gloves-mandatory – yes , indeed, you will say, if it’s winter isn’t it natural to wear gloves? Well yes, right, but in this season all great designers seem to have an obsession on gloves, that’s how much they insisted on them.

Today I want to talk about these principles directly applicable to your outfit.

The gate still, like last fall bags unite in a single color. Bags are united, but may follow two styles: casual bag (weekend bag) and office bag, something more elegant (office bag) that this fall, follows the lines of document folders.

Also at the accessories are very fashionable scarves, give a touch of elegance and style that are still very chic. Surely you will feel very elegant if you wear a scarf this fall.

Over knee boots – still, very very chic, giving a touch of elegance especially if are high heels.We talked at length about high heels over the knee boots here and here. Can be worn with almost any other article of clothing: shorts or long, short or midi dress, midi skirt or short. Everything is to take care when combining colors / prints and lengths so you do not respect you “shorten” visually feet.

A short jacket – a piece of clothing is excellent and very very in trend this fall. In addition it has extraordinary quality can be worn in many occasions – at work, at a date,at shopping. This is one of the favorite designers for 2013. It will give you an air of sober, serious, when you want it, or casual, they take the attitude and accessories.

Black and white combinations are very chic and very in vogue in 2013. Opt for prints without emotion, the more smaller the better.

Do not make a stop at floral print. You can even combine it with other models such as bullets. If you chose to be bold, combining two types of print, forget the accessories. In addition impreul floral give a youthful air that has no way to ruin.

A classic cardigan in one color is never out of fashion, in contrast, can always be a source of elegance for you.

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