Men’s Trends You Need To Know

Trends for gents are in a continuous evolution like those for women. Of course it will be impossible for us to cover it all, so here are a few of them, ones relevant we can say.

Crepe-soled shoes 2016 trends
Crepe-soled shoes 2016

It is an interesting and very comfortable trend, specific for those who loved to wear casual footwear. This kind of casual shoes, are so versatile and has perfect features like rubber sole, breathable and comfortable material, classic design, 2-eyes, lace up, high quality sole and very flexible. They are perfect for summer and not only.

Distressed jeans 2016 trends
2016 mens distressed jeans

Love to be chic and comfy? Well, if yes, those jeans are perfect. Your denim should be ripped, patched, bleached – all but destroyed, basically. Versatile enough to give you the liberty of combination, distressed jeans are a great solution and a magic trend in 2016.

Suede 2016 trends
best suede jacket 2016

Well, yes vintage trends continues for the new season, so if you are debating investing in a suede jacket, rest assured that it will carry you through to the summer. Season’s suede is not only light as a feather, it also comes in warm and eminently summery shades of tan, brown and caramel.

Drawstring trousers 2016 trends
Drawstring trousers 2016

This is a sport-inspired piece and, yes it is so much trend. Obviously it is comfortable and you can wear it in various situations.

Espadrilles 2016 trends
2016 espadrilles

Espadrilles are actually rope-soled shoes perfect for the beach, but not only. Due to their versatility if you choose the right color you can wear it in such a various ways. Worth to say that the comfort is an important aspect and if you will wear it not only that you will be on trend but also your feet will feel absolutely extraordinary. Of course it depends on the situation but this model of shoes is chic and is not surprising that it maintains on the top of gents preferences.

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