We are increasingly aware of the accessories we wear, and increasingly bold in style, proving from season to season in November ornaments imagined by designers for us – men. Perhaps not every one of us has a passion for them, but sunglasses were and remain not just fashion accessories but also a need for clarity (health) of our eyes.

Our style dress varies depending on where to go or the events we are attending and filled, especially in summer, an essential accessory: sunglasses. Even if we consider this rule and create a suitable mix between dress and glasses.

In the summer, it is prone eye area wrinkles. Therefore sunglasses come to our aid. They should be chosen with great care, lenses have protection factor sun and be special without affecting our sight. In order not to create discrepancies between glasses and carriers, they should be chosen according to the physiognomy of the face. The perfect solution for glasses suitable physiognomy is in balance. Those with oval face need lenses that emphasize breadth, such as glasses in plastic frames and lenses delivered high. People who fall into this category have the advantage of almost any model wearing glasses.

The material of the sunglasses lenses is an important feature that you should consider when buying sunglasses. Not only will it determine the strength of the lens, but it will also give you better vision.

From bold colors and unique prints, to mirror lenses or micro frame shapes, this year the designers experimented and created sunglasses for minimalist outfits, but also for extravagant outfits.

Here’s what you need to know:

Glass lenses have an unmatched quality, but will also be the most expensive material for sunglasses. The glass is also heavier and will shatter if broken. Even though glass lenses are the best choice in terms of quality, they are not suitable for all activities.
CR39 (Plastic) is thinner, cheaper and weighs half as much as glass and is the most commonly used material for sunglasses in general. CR39 offers very good optical performance even for prescription glasses with large diopters. In addition, it has good scratch resistance due to the hard coating.
Polycarbonate lenses are lighter, although this material does not offer the exceptional optics of glass lenses. Polycarbonate is up to 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses and provides 100% protection against harmful UV radiation.
We advise you to avoid acrylic lenses, unless you are prepared to buy new ones quite often. They are the least durable and optically clear. In addition, when exposed to heat, they tend to twist. Acrylic is known to be affordable, but it also deteriorates quickly.

When you buy a pair of sunglasses is essential to choose primarily based on its effectiveness in protecting eyes from UV rays.

– Look for the CE mark. This mark indicates that the lenses meet European standards.

– Look for a special label that tells you that the lenses block 99% – 100% of ultraviolet rays A and B.

– Remember that it is more harmful to your eyes wearing glasses that do not block UV rays than not at all gates.

– Choose glasses that fit your physiognomy; May they stay fixed on the nose, so prevents the penetration of several sunshine behind the lens to the eye.

– plastic lenses are often more effective than glass lenses.

– Do not be fooled / D price. If glasses are more expensive does not mean it offers more protection, but it means that there are probably more fashionable.

– The best lenses are brown or amber ones.

– Dark lens gives you no protection. Which provides protection from the UV radiation is a film on the surface of the lens rather than its color.

– Pale eyes must be protected more carefully than the dark.

Aviator Sunglasses

They are characterized by sometimes, dark, very often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eyeball. Aviator sunglasses usually have very dark lenses, often reflective, with an area two or three times larger than the eyeball. The frames are very thin, and the bridge between the lenses consists of two or three equally thin bars. The original design included G-15 lenses, which exposed the eye to only 15% of the amount of light from the outside. The lenses are not flat, but slightly convex. The design aims to cover the entire field of vision of the person wearing the glasses, in order to close, thus, all the angles through which the light could reach the eyes.Aviator glasses are a type of sunglasses that were developed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb. The original design of Aviator glasses can be found on the market today, under the name of Ray Ban Aviators, although there are other sunglasses manufacturers who have fallen in love with the Aviator shape and who produce models very similar to the original glasses.Aviator style glasses remain, along with wayfarer style sunglasses, undetroned in terms of popularity. For the fashion consumer, it is a handy solution, easy to adapt to both routine and smart business outfits. The versatility that aviator glasses enjoy not only concerns the ease of accessorization, but also their ability to flatter the most diverse physiognomies. One of the reasons why aviator style glasses are so popular is their versatility. So, you don’t need very pretentious outfits to put your favorite pair on your nose. Urban casual outfits, as well as smart ones, are just as appropriate. You can also try on sportswear outfits – although here you could very well choose the wraparound or shield style. Aviator goggles perfectly amplify the military accent of the Cazone outfits. In other words, you can’t fail.

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Round Frame Sunglasses

The round frame trend is guaranteed to provide you with a vintage look with a hint of eccentricity, and versatile enough to complement all fashion occasions from formal to casual. Indeed this feature, is truly amazing.

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Mirrored Sunglasses

These sunglasses are so reflective that those around you can use it as a moving mirror. Sunglasses with mirror lenses go through periods of higher and lower popularity, but they never go out of style.
Despite the statement element, glasses with mirror lenses are very versatile and can be worn in a variety of outfits. A pair of mirror glasses will help you look mysterious and confident while keeping up with fashion.

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