Men’s Sunglasses 2020

About sunglasses…

Sunglasses are fashionable and, more importantly, they are very useful. Certainly, if you do not already have a couple of pairs, you have to worry about doing it.
More than just a fashion accessory, sunglasses look and feel like a million bucks … well, yes, it’s more than true. They in the first place protect you from sun rays and keep wrinkles away. Also prevent pterygiums, skin cancer and cataracts.

Hard to find?

Choosing the sunglasses should be done on the advice of a specialist to protect your eyes and avoid the harmful effects of sun rays on them. Some glasses are meant to give us protection during the day, for others it is a necessity, and for others it is an accessory without which it does not start the day.
It’s right, the glasses are an accessory that manages to give a note of style to the outfits that we wear. That’s why a man with style should always know what pair of glasses to choose, depending on the outfit he wears. It would be a pity to wear a pair of fashion glasses to a classic costume. It would not fit at all and, instead of adding your outfit, it will completely make it up.

Very useful-especially in the summer

I don’t know if you knew, but summer is the most dangerous season for your eye health. The solar radiations are at maximum intensity during this period and can harm a lot your eyes. Specialists are saying that the sun is having during the spring and summer 3 times more ultraviolet radiations than during the cold season.
The summer is the most indicated periods of the whole year when is mandatory to wear this accessory. It is known that most people are wearing sunglasses during the cold season only for aesthetic aspects. Well, it’s important to understand that for our eye health it’s indicated to wear sunglasses all the time we need them, no matter the season. Along with the fact that you will look cool and stylish, they protect your eyes.

Sunglasses – a necessity

If in the past sunglasses were chosen as a fashion accessory, they are now being chosen as a necessity, because the lenses offer protection against strong light and UV radiation.

Sunglasses should be chosen according to individual needs: type of activity (skiing, beach, driving), lens material (plastic or glass), lens color (important in distinguishing contrasts very well) and also there is a harmony between the shape of the face and the shape of the frame (for example: for a round face, the rectangular frames are more suitable).

Dangers of cosmetic sunglasses

What are the dangers of cosmetic sunglasses, bought from unspecialized stores?

Unfortunately, if we choose them by ear, from non-specialized stores, only by color or shape, the dangers are high, because they may lack UV protection. In some cases, cheap plastic lenses even come with diopters, affecting a person who does not need it.

Smoke lenses are not a sign of UV protection. Not the color offers protection, but a quality lens. Such sunglasses, with tinted lenses, block only some of the light.

Under these conditions, the pupil dilates and penetrates a larger amount of ultraviolet radiation that is very harmful to the eye.
Sunglasses must be purchased only from medical, optical stores, which only bring models from the official, optically-controlled distributors.
In this way the buyer has the guarantee that all the quality standards are respected.

The “CE” marking (according to EU norms), the level of protection against radiation, the manufacturer’s name and address, as well as the instructions for use and cleaning of the lenses must be displayed on the glasses. Pay attention to the sunglasses that have the inscription “Cosmetic”; they usually do not provide any information about the level of UV protection.

Make sure you feel good with your glasses and not just look good! Glasses do not have to be too big / too small or too heavy.

What do eyeglass wearers do in the summer?

Those who have eyeglasses should be more attentive to wearing the sunglasses. There is a habit that I discourage from wearing sunglasses over sight glasses: we risk scratching the lenses and the frame.

For those with vision problems it is recommended:

1. Switching to contact lenses that can be easily worn with sunglasses.
2. Purchase magnetic, UV-protected clip-on lenses that can be attached to glasses when we go out.
3. Buying a pair of sunglasses with diopters. It is the most expensive option of the three, but for visually impaired people, it’s worth investing so you can go on the street on a very sunny day and see everything around you.

Persons with visual impairments must have quality sunglasses that provide adequate eye protection, not necessarily on order, but for eye disorders.

People wearing eyeglasses with diopters can opt for sun lenses made with the appropriate diopter, lenses that have the same properties as sunglasses without diopters.

Round-faced face glasses round-faced people have to choose sunglasses (square or rectangular) or elongated lenses with lateral, geometric frames to mask face roundness and highlight other facial features. Sunglasses for oval face are extremely lucky, since this physiognomy is considered perfect for any model of sunglasses. Sunglasses for the square face the wide jaw and prominent forehead are basic features of this physiognomy. Given that facial features are at a right angle, the most eye-catching sunglasses are round or oval, which sweeps the angular nature of the face. Sunglasses for elongated face In the case of elongated faces, sharp features that are too long require sunglasses with rectangular lenses or pilot glasses and frames that cover the center of the face and create an optical dimming effect on the length of the face.
Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory that gives you visual comfort, they are really useful for protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays that are harmful to your eyes, and over time can cause serious eye damage. Moreover, sunglasses will protect you from wind, dust or various particles that can get into your eyes and even micro trauma.

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