The sunglasses are a very cool and useful accessory for any man. Our eyes are vulnerable towards the sun rays therefore you should definitely protect them. The reasons to wear sunglasses are many and they most of them refer to the fact that you should protect your eye’s health.

One of the most important aspects to have in mind when you are going to buy a pair of sunglasses is that they have to be comfortable. Otherwise you won’t be able to wear them, of course.
No matter the brand you prefer, it is best to have a pair of sunglasses for every location and occasion. Well, yes, indeed, a pair of sunglasses isn’t that versatile to be able to be worn on any occasion and with all outfits. Still, there are some opinions that the aviator sunglasses could fulfill that job. But, in order not to fail, it would be best to have more pairs for all the situations and outfits you might have. It is also important that the sunglasses should match your entire look.
It is obvious that the sunglasses should not miss from any man’s wardrobe. In this way you will not only protect your eye’s health, but you would be very cool at the same time.

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You have probably noticed that many people wearing sunglasses not only protect from strong light, but rather to be fashionable and to look better. It has become an indispensable accessory, and researchers wanted to find out why sunglasses can transform an ordinary person into one more attractive.

Vanessa Brown, designer Train Nottingham University in the UK, made a research to find explanations, she presented in a book. According to Vanessa, several issues have become sunglasses an almost mandatory accessory for young men and also for women who want to be “cool”.

First, these glasses make any face to look symmetrical. Dark lenses immediately cover any asymmetry of the eyes, and studies have shown that people with symmetrical faces are considered more beautiful, more attractive.
The second important aspect is the mystery. Eye mask with these glasses will immediately give the impression of a mysterious person who is hiding something. Eye contact said about anyone, including providing information about intelligence or her vulnerability. Another explanation is that this enhancement was first used by celebrities, trying to go unnoticed by paparazzi or fans. The sunglasses have been associated with fashion and fame.

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