Men’s suit – trends and opinions

If you are a men who cares about his image, definitely you should wear a suit.

As a general rule, the line of the men’s suits has a smoother road, not as curvy as the one from the ladies suits.

This type of line advantages men of course and they can invest into a few quality suits so they can be sure to wear them for a quite decent period of time.
Here are some characteristics men’s suits have no matter the trends:
– Wide shoulders – yes, this aspect highlights very well the posture and your masculinity so this is why it’s very important for your suits to have wide shoulders, still don’t exaggerate of course
– Three buttons suits are no longer accepted if you want to be into the trends since 2010 (so, since 4 years ago) therefore wear only two buttons suits
– Believe it or not, three pieces suits is back (at least on catwalks)
It surely doesn’t stand for a symbol of social status as it used to be, but we can’t deny its appearance on catwalks.

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