A Harrington Jacket is a short waist jacket, made of cotton, polyester, wool or suede, usually with material model “tartan”, a model which consists of vertical and horizontal stripes overlaid with a wide range of colors. Versatile and very comfortable, the Harrington Jacket is an excellent choice for a man who loves to dress trendy.
It earned its name due to the Rodney Harrington character (interpreted by Ryan O’Neal) in the 60s prime time soap opera Peyton Place.

This jacket looks very well and, if the winter is not very hard, it can be worn during the cold season too. This aspect seems great because it proves his versatility. Indeed it can be easily matched with various pieces of your wardrobe no matter which is your style.

You can combine this jacket and pants classics, gray or navy, even if one strongly colored. Many brands now produce Harrington jackets in pastel tones and primary colors.
If you’re going to choose one colored but kept the outfit simple, many times, simple is better – with a classic Oxford shirt and trousers in neutral shades.

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This type of jacket is very easy to be matched with other clothes, no matter you favorite style. And this aspect is a very important one of course. In addition, you can wear it on many various occasions and situations.
The Harrington jacket is an extraordinarily piece of outfit no matter your personal style. Its versatility and utility make it such a popular jacket.
Another important aspect is that it can be worn at different ages. Whether you are in your 20s or your 40s, the Harrington jacket can be an extremely useful option.

UK clothing companies made the first Harrington jacket. This type of jacket earned its “Harrington” name because the Rodney Harrington character (played by Ryan O’Neal) wore it in the 1960’s prime time soap opera Peyton Place.
Most of all, I love this jacket’s versatility. Indeed, it is a perfect jacket from this point of view.
This type of jacket looks great and can work with many different outfits. It is a good and interesting deal, there is no doubt about that.

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