Men’s Fragrance Gift Ideas for Christmas 2015-2016

Holidays are very close and if you want to buy a Christmas gift for your boyfriend or husband , a fragrance, I think is an excellent choice. Today most men enjoy when they receive a quality perfume .
In addition, believe it or not , you made ​​a great service to you,actually your partner smell plays a big role in your love story . Natural smell of a man’s body can have on women much the same effect that it has in the case of bee pollen . It seems strange , but the natural smell of sweat impacts your attraction towards him . It turned out even as both the female body , and the male , transmit chemical signals that communicate certain reproductive qualities . These messages are received at the subconscious level . This explains why sometimes smell of a man can seduce inexplicable. Yes , turn your head when you see a hot guy , but learn something : a study on the sense of smell has revealed that women appreciate to a men the smells more like the way it looks.

In addition the fragrance is also one of the indispensable accessories in the wardrobe of a man. In this regard, here are some Men’s Fragrance Gift Ideas for Christmas. This gift will be and depending on the nature and typology of the man in question, thus:

1. Type of stylish man and pedant – this type fits a classic fragrance, elegant, luxurious but decent in the same time. My recommendations go to Bleu De Chanel FOR MEN by Chanel and Dior Homme. There are two classic but very high quality fragrances that do not bother others and give a touch of elegance and quality.

bleu de chanel

2. Romantic type – kind of guy fits easily oriental perfumes, scents of grapefruit, pepper, and vanilla. The best seems to be Terre D’Hermes seems by Hermes for Men.

3. Sporty type – the kind of man who is “friends” with gym, most sports and likes to dress up in suit in only 2 times a year.For this typology I think that would be suitable Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb, Hugo Boss and Chanel Allure Homme In Motion Sports.

These are my recommendations, of course you know best what is best for your partner. Success!

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