Men’s Checkered Shirts 2016

Checkered shirt is an excellent piece of outfit in any season. More than that, it’s a great type of shirt to be worn not only with casual outfits but also office ones.

checkered shirt men

I think this shirt as a “must” in every man’s closet. I say this because, as I said above can be worn in various occasions thread (I’ll detail in the article below…) and as such is a lifesaver in many situations when you do not know how to dress. Well yes, men and women not only have this problem.

Men's  Long Sleeve Shirt

Men's Faded Indigo Check Long Sleeve Shirt

check shirt for men

What I like most about this shirt is that it is very versatile and extremely easy to match. So, yes, chekered shirt can be worn while going to:
– Shopping
– Just having a walk
– At work matched with a casual blazer
– At job, but this time matched with a suit
– At a night going out with friends matched with a pair of denim jeans and a leather jacket
If you wear this type of shirt with a suit, you have a lot of options at your disposal because being able to find it in various colors is a great advantage in doing that.
Here are some interesting models:

2016 Checkered Shirts for men

2016 Checkered Shirts

Checkered shirt 2014


Tips: Checkered shirts work into skinny men’s advantage because they create the illusion of a bigger torso.

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