Men are beginning to understand the importance of dress and style, which they can only enjoy. To help them, here are some tips that, if they want to be well dressed, must always be followed. These rules are welcome both for beginners in fashion and style, but also for those who are experienced because, not so, repetition is the mother of learning.
If you choose to wear a shirt without a tie, you should know that the top buttons of the shirt open. If you want to wear the shirt made to the last nature, you must know that it must be perfectly ground on the neck. Otherwise, the look will be unpleasant. The rule of not closing the last button is also valid for the jacket, jacket or sweater. It is definitely not cold, and that even if it is, the last button will not keep you warm. Instead, closing it would look awful!
Match the belt with the shoes. Mainly, you do this when wearing a suit, but do not forget this rule even when wearing casual attire.
When wearing a one-color suit, do not wear a five-color shirt. A suit in one color should be worn with a shirt in one color. And the tie pattern must be a simple, discreet one. Don’t mix the models! The models in the tie and jacket make your outfit unique. However, when the two contrasting too strongly, the uniqueness is no longer good. Go classic and “flawless”, choosing only one item of clothing that will stand out.
Another option where you can match a suit in one color is to wear it with a striped shirt (the stripes are also a trendy print). But again, the tie should be in one color in this combination.
If you go to an event that takes place in the evening, wear a black, dark blue or dark gray suit. Do not wear a light colored suit at evening events.

A man in a suit is more elegant, looks more masculine and more … attractive. But that’s only if he wears, in style, a suit that comes as a mold.

Here are some tips you should consider when buying a suit or wearing one:
– Buy or wear only the suits that fit you well in size. To figure out if your jacket is right, look at your shoulders, they don’t have to stand up or go outside. When you close the jacket, it should not form an “X” on the buttons, because that means you are too tight.
– Regarding the length of the sleeves of the suit, they must come to the knot at the thumb of your hand. This is the basic rule, but it matters a lot and what is your conformation and how you feel in the respective jacket and if you like the sleeves with the sleeve slightly shorter than the classic one.
– If you can’t afford to buy more costumes, then invest in a charcoal-colored suit. This color is more versatile and easier to match with different designs and colors. Also, the colors blue, gray or black are very OK for a costume.
– The length of the pants is recommended to be above the heel of the shoes, and the material should not make more than a lightweight front, at the bottom of the pants. If you are more classic, wear your pants so that your socks are not visible when you are standing. However, if you are a follower of a younger, more modern style, opt for a slightly shorter trouser, with a view to the ankles and implicitly to the socks – if you want to stand out, they can be colored or with a funny print.

The suit, whether formal or casual, plays an important role – be it an appearance! It must be a costume you can be proud of, a special costume, one with which you can easily stand out without too many words. An important aspect in choosing the costume is to consider details that make the difference. Most of the time, men only look at the size of the piece and do not put a price on the details of the cut, on the accessories.

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