Maxi cardigan is a a very interesting piece in vogue for a long time. Besides the practical role that it has, given that keeps you warm on cold days of the year, it can be included in a lot of stylish outfits combinations. You think you have exhausted all combinations of clothing? Here’s how it bears fashionistas abroad and what models should not miss from your wardrobe!

Of course no wonder that it is not everyone’s favorite. Maxi cardigans can highlight almost any outfit represents a splash of color and outfit, simply, are extremely easy to match almost any style of dress. Besides classical cardigans a long cardigan is a fantastic option. They present the same benefits as the waist up, but in addition offers greater protection against low temperatures and a more interesting and chic look.

How to wear a cardigan maxi:
– Combined with a pair of ripped jeans, they offer provides an exciting and rebellious air to any outfit, so you should not hesitate to include them in your outfits. If you do not delight the idea to buy some used look, you can customize a pair older. Carry them with shoes with heels for a sexy note. And to get a look really easy, do not forget maxi cardigans. Should not deprive you of one black wardrobe or in neutral tones and bold-print one.
– Must recognize that the clothes and accessories inspired rock outfit any season. Elegant black dominates in this case and accessories studded leather and the items are merely to complete the look. If until now you used to wear leather jacket to rock outfits, now you can call from the comfort and chic air that gives you maxi cardigans. Whether you opt for one with a classic cut or asymmetrical, whether you choose a model with buttons or other locking system which do not, you’ll look great.
– Combine it with a pen leather skirt, a pair of boots over the knee suede and a thin sweater short are equally suitable for a night out.

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