Mysterious, seductive, ravishing in the true meaning of the word, the perfume has his origin in the Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Since then, it continues to exist and pleasure thousands of people from all over the world.
Men, as much as women, are interested that their fragrance to represent their personality and respect the occasion for which it’s used.
One of the major characteristics looked upon a perfume it’s his ability to last as long as possible. This is why I’ve made a list of long lasting perfumes for men (the order is random).

Antaeus by Chanel for Men

About Antaeus we’ve spoke in the article “the most sexy fragrance for men” and you remember that it is an interesting perfume, a little exclusive, an ultra-loud fragrance with a mysterious-animal tendency.


Wazamba it’s a rare perfume, mystical, with notes of myrrh and a lot of aromas from a variety of cultures: Kenya, Ethiopia, India and Morocco. One to another, it is a mystical fragrance which lasts long.

A Men Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler it is a perfume designer extremely inspired who designs the perfume’s bottles himself. It is certain to be a fragrance that creates addiction with mysterious notes. We are talking about a very complex perfume, long lasting and very hot.

Habit Rouge L’eau by Guerlain

This fragrance has an oriental style, extremely long lasting, with notes of jasmine and vanilla. A great aroma witch stays on the skin for many hours…

Thierry Mugler Amen Pure Malt

Launched in 2009 as a limited edition, it is a highly mysterious perfume with woody-spicy aromas, very long lasting, which is by the way specific for Thierry Mugler perfumes. It is a very special perfume and one of the most long lasting fragrance for man.

L’Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain

It is a fragrance launched in 2004, of exceptional quality. It is a scent that remains on the skin for a long time, a couple of sprays in the morning Before going out is what you need. The freshness of citrus is complemented by originality of anise and jasmine in the top notes. Sophisticated, But for me it’s easy to wear it anytime and anywhere. Even it CAN work on summer night or rainy summer days. Just avoid humid and very hot sunny days with this fragrance.

Egoiste by Chanel

Egoist is a very conservative fragrance. Yes it is, But let’s face it we are talking about Chanel and Expect to be a conservative and QUALITY perfume. The perfume was created in 1990, so … Imagine That … Long time ago, and still on the market, that’s saying something. It is a deep fragrance, in despite of the opening not so appealing, the dry down is great, plus cinnamon sandalwood Means magic. It is for sure very long-lasting, and smells better as the hours go by.

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male it is a very sexy fragrance, extremely appreciated, with a lavender aroma, doubled by the heat of vanilla. It is a very long lasting perfume in a very special bottle.

As you might have seen, usually, the most long lasting perfumes are the ones used during the cold season and less the fresh ones, but there are some exceptions of course. Anyway, I hope you found my list useful in making the best decisions for you.

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