A long dress is very elegant, that is for sure.

2015-2016 maxi dress

2015-2016 long dress

long dress 2015

2016 long dresses

Finding the best outfit combo is ideal in order to highlight your strong points.
If you have wide hips – If that’s the case, it would be recommended to choose a model that will draw the attention towards the upper part of your body, eventually with a generous cleavage. You can choose a dress that will fall loose under the bust area in order to hide the hips. Another idea would be to choose light dresses, the ones without shoulders or the ones that look like ponchos.
If you are short – Choose a dress that follows the line of your body, with thin vertical stripes or large prints. Even very large prints can work for you. It would be recommended to avoid large models of maxi dresses. Anyway, in the case that you are short it is best to be very careful when wearing a maxi dress because it is very hard for them to truly work into your benefit.
If you are very skinny – You can wear simple models that follow your waist line with large frills. There is another option and I’m talking about a dress with many large frills or with models with large prints on your bust area and flared on the bottom part. A light dress for sure will fit you perfectly.
If you are tall – The long dress can create the impression that you are taller, of course, but if you choose it wisely it can bring you lots of advantages. The dresses that work best on you are the flared ones who can divide your silhouette in two with the help of a wide belt or even through two contrasting colors, one in the upper part and one on the bottom. It is ideal to stop its length just above the ankle and obviously, you should avoid wearing high heels.
No matter your silhouette, if you are a little creative you can get a sensational look.

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