Leggings 2020

Leggings! They are everywhere, any magazine is proposing to them, every girl wears them, any star takes pictures of them. There are different models, long, short, leather, latex, covered with sequins, animal print, flowers, holes, and the more extravagant, the higher their price. Definitely a must. But before talking about trends and for what type of body they are fitting I have a question. What are these leggings? Because once we have clarified this, you will know if you can wear them, in what combinations and when they are not indicated.

Until the Second World War they were worn trousers as protection by soldiers fighting in the war. In the 1950s, fashion designer Emilio Pucci discovered this item and created a conical pant which he calls Fuseaux (in Romanian leggings but I prefer the term in Italian). They were immediately launched into the fashion world thanks to Audrey Hepburn, who plays them in the films Sabrina and Cinderella.

How to WEAR them? In today’s article, you will find useful tips on how to wear this fashionable article that is out of the wardrobe of thousands of women.
Leggings appeal to all kinds of women, from the curvy woman to the weak, romantic or rock, to the girls and women of all ages.

But what is so special that they can satisfy any woman regardless of age, occupation, type of silhouette, budget, etc.

Versatility … is the word that best describes them.

Day can be worn with ballerinas and in the evening with a pair of model sandals or a pair of boots, or boots.

But when a clothing item is so versatile, the risk of styling is very high.

I have to say that the leggings are neither a trouser nor a sock, nor can you compare it to intimate underwear. This is a type of clothing, which is molded on the foot, which, due to its specific characteristics, must take into account certain common sense rules in order to be perfect.

The material must not be transparent, not to mention the skin or what you wear below. And do not think that only the open ones can have this problem and the black ones can reveal more than you would like to look. So be careful.

We should remind you that leggings are not pants, and even if the temptation of your highlights and supports buttocks after long and grueling gym sessions, swimming, zumba, is very high, side B must remain covered. Just like all other intimate parts.

And, yes, this rule is valid even if you have Jennifer Lopez’s famous ass, or I know who the star.

They are not collates, so do not replace leggings with them, even if outdoors are -29 degrees Celsius or 3 meters of snow. If you’re cold, opt for a pair of cashmere or woolen tunics inside (pile).

Under the leggings you’re just so and so. No stockings, socks with tape, or I know what invention you go through your head to put into practice.

If you have not checked any point of the above means that you are a master of leggings site and if you found even in a rule please paste them in a visible place (usually where you got to you remember every time you want to wear them).

Now that you know what not to do, I will tell you how to choose them to put your silhouette as clear as possible.

Do you have pronounced forms and your hips are not your strength? Then choose a leggings that also contain Lycra in a larger quantity, because it is perfect to ferment the lower limbs even if you have not been to the gym since last year.

Here are some of the best leggings, hope you will be inspired:

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