Leather Jackets for Women 2015-2016

The leather jacket is a part of our wardrobe and life for like forever. At least this is how it looks like, anyway. This outerwear perfectly completes almost any type of outfit. Obviously, now the market offers a wide variety of models and types of leather jackets. The most important are: the classic jacket, the bomber jacket, the aviator jacket and the motorcycle jacket.

Classic leather jacket

Classic leather jacket 2015

2015 2016 leather jackets

This type of jacket is probably the most versatile and common type of leather jacket. It is extremely chic and you can see it everywhere. You can be bold and try some unique combos by wearing a classic leather jacket with a laced dress or over a white shirt. It is also very chic and can complete very well no matter which is the rest of your outfit.

Bomber jacket

2015 bomber leather jackets

2015 best leather jackets

The bomber jacket has a huge history and it is still trendy. It looks extraordinarily chic in many combinations. A combo made of jeans, T-shirt and a pair of casual shoes looks perfect in my opinion. Also, this combination can be worn on many various occasions. No matter you go for a walk, for shopping session or go to the market it is perfect.

Aviator jacket

aviator leather jacket 2015

2015-2016 leather jacket

Here is another leather jacket with a long and interesting history. It can easily complete a casual but also a formal outfit if you are a little inspired. It looks extraordinarily, this is obvious, but it also depends when you are wearing it, of course.

Motorcycle jacket

white motorcycle leather jacket  2015

2015 best women leather jacket

If you are a practical person and enjoy the rock style, then for sure a motorcycle leather jacket can be the perfect choice for you. It is also extremely chic and could be matched to a lot of possible outfits and footwears.

The leather jacket is a piece of outfit very chic and versatile, which should be a must-have into any woman’s wardrobe.

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