Walking in high heels could be difficult if you are not used to do that on a daily basis. So, in order that your life to be easier try to respect a few important aspects:
1. In the first place is trust in you. Ohhh, yes, try to have more self esteem. If you have the right attitude you will look great. It is very important for your image.
2. Another important issue is posture. Improve your posture all the time. You will look amazing if you will manage to do that.
3. Your style is also essential. Well, yes, the style is more than important. Of course, try to have a what is called a correct movement, from the hips, transfer the weight from heel to toe.

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Here are a few hints in order to help you:
– take care at your knees. At every step, you should straighten your knees.
– when you are on the stairs, for example, you should put on the stair the entire part of your soul. In this way you will not slip away.
– make small steps, if your heel is higher the length of your step should be smaller.
– take care also at your back, is directly connected with your posture. Straighten your shoulder also. You will look sexy and it will be easier to wear high heels.

Choose a correct shoe, make sure you have the proper size, avoid thin sole shoes, and, maybe the most important aspect try to be relaxed. Oh yes, is true, is very important to have style, but to be trustful and very relaxed is maybe even more important for your look. Remember that if we are talking about style is great if you create your personal touch.
Be very confident, it is essential, no doubt about that. Your attitude is very important.

“I don’t know who invented the high heel, but women owe him a lot”
Marilyn Monroe

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