The warm season arrived and a new accessory it’s making space into our wardrobe – the beach bag.

Someone was saying once that an outfit isn’t complete if it’s not accessorized with a representative bag. Now of course we are talking about beach relaxation, cocktail so the bag must be chic, comfortable and useful accessory.

Here are some ideas I had which give you a clue about beach bag essentials in 2013:

The transparent beach bag

If you choose a transparent beach bag and if it has some bright colors too then you surely be very chic. This trend it’s not at all obsolete but much appreciated. It’s something bold with a lot of effect.






Zebra print beach bag

It is an exceptional combination which will pull you out of the crowd. You can use it even at shopping or at gym and people won’t know you used it also last week at the beach. So, this kind of beach has a great versatility and clearly it pull you out of the crowd.


Beach bag with stripes

The stripes are in trends, this is absolutely obvious. Be a real fashion woman and make yourself a present by buying a stripped beach bag. You will definitely love it, I guarantee. As a piece of advice, if you choose a beach bag with stripes then your bathing suit must be in only one color.




Most of the time the beach bag has the same importance as the Over-sized bag, beach bag also has exactly the same role and besides that you have to be interesting and versatile, it needs to be roomy enough for all the items that you can not break even on vacation.

Now that you have your beach bag ready imagine a sunny day at the beach, but wait, why you should just sit and imagine, you’ll better don’t hesitate and go out to the beach.


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