Latest trends in women tees

T-shirt trends for ladies, summer 2013

Once with the warm season, T-shirt time has arrived too. Well, yes, summer it’s not just sunglasses  time and denim shorts but most of all it’s T-shirts time.

T-shirt it’s no doubt one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. They can be worn and matched with a lot of outfits: you can wear them with a sport outfit, a casual one and even if it’s hard to believe, at an evening outfit. Tees are unquestionable a piece of clothing which shouldn’t miss from anybody’s wardrobe. No matter if you are going shopping, to exercise, visiting a friend or go at a picnic , the good old T-shirt will pull you out of trouble. They are, as I’ve said above, a piece of clothing extremely versatile which you can put on immediately without any difficulty in matching them with the rest of your outfit.T-shirts are in only one or in many colors, with V-shape cleavage or around the neck. In the last 20 years the fashion designers have been proposing a lot T-shirts without closure and we have to admit that they are very chic. Tees with graphic prints (flowers, animals, geometrical elements and so on) are also everywhere.

If you want to be in trends and to impress with your originality, then I advise you to wear sport T-shirts with the classic business attire. Choose a simple T-shirt and match it with skirts made of lace or leather. A pair of stiletto shoes and an envelope type bag will give a touch of elegance to the entire outfit making it modern and original at the same time.

Latest trends for T-shirts:

–         classic – you can tuck it into pencil skirts or with a sleek blazer to the office

–         with stripes – in one color or many, not only they are in trends but also they can help you look slimmer, taller or the opposite according to your preference

–         slouchy – an over sized T-shirt which doesn’t look sloppy anymore by wearing it with tight bottoms

–         vintage – washed-out designs, concert T-shirts, retro slogans go well with denim shorts or even a skirt

–         graphic – makes the whole outfit by himself and can be matched with solid colored pants. Remember not to use many accessories while wearing it, some earrings will be enough to don’t overcrowd your outfit.

–         black and white – the minimalist trend which conquered very fast catwalks and street fashion as well

–         oriental – a style for feminine and romantic ladies

Tees are , without doubt, very stylish and very fashionable that’s why this summer try not to avoid them, moreover try to enjoy wearing them. Also do remember what Carolina Herrera once said : “The white shirt is my favorite thing. It’s fresh yet seductive – every woman always looks good in a white shirt.”

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