Latest trends for women’s shoes – summer of 2013

For me summer it’s my favorite season. It’s warm, everything it’s full of life, sun makes us all happier and we are enjoying life more. What shoes should we wear? Options, we have to admit, are a lot, this is why we need to be careful to make the decision which is in our best interest.
Shoes history
Our first footwear was made of animal skin. Their design wasn’t too complicated; on the contrary, it was a very simple one, following only the practical purposes.

For the warm season it was used a piece of leather tied up with strips and for the cold season fur was added.
Further on, the history line, in Ancient Greece, shoes had distinctive marks for each social category (color and sole height). Women’s footwear was very rich in accessories, being very elegant and even extravagant.



In the Roman Empire, the consuls wore white footwear, senators wore brown footwear and soldiers wore short boots with open toes.



In Asia, representative it’s the traditional Japanese footwear which had a variety of models. Shoes sole was made of wood and it was supported by two horizontal sticks from the same material and they were called geta. The shoe cords for men were black and red for women.

Speaking of today, the shoe models are various. They represent fashion trends, the personality of the one who wear them and also their tastes.

Summer 2013 trends

Specialists are saying that the shoes represent many times the key element around the entire outfit is built. This season brings into the trends a variety of shoes from the ones with high heel to the transparent ones.

Shoes with metallic elements

Shoes with metallic elements are back in trends this season no matter if we are talking about golden, silver or more bold colors. Moschino, Armani or Chloe are fashion designers who are using them in their shows.

 Pointed toe shoes

Pointed toe shoes are still in the 2013 summer trends and it seems that also in the following years.

Printed shoes

This type of shoes is very chic and brings color and youth to your outfit.


Flats or Mary Jane shoes as they are also known, are a must-have for some seasons lately. They are extremely comfortable  and versatile so don’t avoid them.

Transparent shoes

Transparent shoes are a highly appreciated and special trend. I’ve seen them used by Valentino, Donna Karan, Michael Kors and Stella McCartney in their fashion collections.

Lady like sandals

They are very hot especially if you choose them with thin heels and straps. These sandals are perfect for drawing all the attention and complete an amazing outfit.

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