During the summer, along with the customary sunglasses, it’s mandatory to wear a summer hat.
The hat it’s definitely an accessory and if you know to pick it, how and where to wear it, you can change it into the most chic accessory you’ve ever had.

womens sun hat

The summer hat not only gives you a trendy outfit but also it protects you from the sun and it can many times complete your outfit.
You need to know that not every woman know how to wear it and wish to wear such an accessory.
The summer hat it’s a piece of clothing very special and the reason I’ve said above that few women dare to wear it it’s because it can be very tricky. If you choose it right it can transform you into a diva, but if you choose it wrong you will look ridiculous.

As some general rules, try to keep in mind the following:

– if you are a casual sport fan then choose a hat which looks like the ones for men
– if you are the glamor type then choose a women floppy sun hat
– if you are playful then a cowboy hat will work for you

When you want to buy a summer hat, no matter if you already have a model in your mind or not, no matter if you want to follow the latest trend or not, I have the following advices which it will be best for you to apply:

– pay attention to your general style, if you are the nice and classic style don’t wear something very bold because it will be obvious that the hat you are wearing doesn’t fit your character
– if the shape of your face it’s oval then you can celebrate since every type of summer hat will fit you perfectly
– if you have a heart shaped face then choose a women floppy sun hat
– if you have a round face then choose a hat with high cap and large brimmed

Women Floppy Sun Hats
These hats are absolutely gorgeous if you are the glamor type. You will also love them if you are stylish.



sun hatsun hat for women

Sun protection straw hat

Extremely useful and not at all demanding, they are chic and will protect you very good from the sunlight.

Women’s fedora sun hat

Stylish, yet playful, classic, yet creative, these are the women who prefer this type of hat.

Western sun hats for women

Yes, western sun hats are very special if you are full of life and dynamism.

Sun hats are a necessary and extremely stylish accessory. If you decide to wear them, first learn some things about them and after that enjoy them, you won’t regret it.

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