Latest perfumes 2014

Perfume is an essential element of your look. Moreover. There are a lot of interesting new fragrance in 2014 therefore in this article I wanted to talk about the ones which I consider to be the most representative.

VICTORIA SECRET BOMBSHELLS IN BLOOM® by Victoria’s Secret Fragrance for Women

lates 2014-2015 fragrance for women

Cute and glamor, yes this are the things which this perfume send it to me. Cute, because it is presented in a cute, pink bottle and glamor because it’s from Victoria Secrets, which represents fashion and sensuality. Like it’s bottle it is fresh, cheerful, smells like a sweet red apple with an aquatic undertone from the water lily. It’s with no doubt a very feminine fragrance.

Escada Born In Paradise Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

latest fragrance 2014-2015 for ladies

Born in Paradisetake you to the tropical haven of French Polynesia, what do you say, looks good already isn’t it? It is delicious tropical fruits aroma perfume. The base is extremely creamy after the initial burst of coco milk, fruity tropical fruits, mixed berries and vanilla. Still, despite of that is very fresh, indeed one of the most successful fragrance launched in 2014.

Boucheron Place Vendome by Boucheron

Boucheron Place Vendome by Boucheron

A fragrance with a very feminine gently sweet with a very mild spice in the background. It’s an attractive scent, not repelling, not overly loud or floral. A lot of ladies prefer this perfume because is very stylish.


Guerlain Shalimar Souffle de Parfum

Shalimar Perfume Souffle is an extremely exotic oriental fragrance. If I should choose between the latest perfumes of 2014, this one seems the most desirable if I can say it that way. The scent is a successful combination of lemon, mandarin, jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla and white musk. Seems a perfect combination for a magnificent perfume.

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