Leather jacket has always been considered the essence of cool to an outfit, no matter the clothes or the style is combined with.They fall into the category of those clothes which never goes out of style. Certainly if you wear larger sizes and you bought 10 years ago a leather jacket you can wear it another year. Leather jackets and coats in general can be worn on many occasions.

Leather jacket aviators equipment was part of the early twentieth century, then in the Second World War it can be found uniformed British soldiers. (also called bomber jacket).

In the 40s and 50s, leather jackets stormed the stage popularity of Hollywood actors filling the roles of basic sex appeal was American. James Stewart, Marlon Brando, James Dean brought jeans, white shirt and leather jacket became objects of worship. A consequence of the bad boy image – “Rebel Without a Cause” – which has acquired a James Dean, was felt in some schools in the U.S., where the leather jacket was prohibited. Obviously it was just a reason which strengthened preference youth 50’s-60’s for jeans and leather jackets. So behold, the jacket looks cool, it was not, and was extremely desirable, virtually all the “ingredients” of success were met. Today things are quite different, if you wear it you are not considered to be rebellious moreover it is a a piece of clothing accepted and appreciated by everyone.

This type of clothing is always fashionable because it is extremely helpful and always in fashion. In addition it hardly deteriorates and quality if you can keep for years.

Leather Jackets are not only interesting, but you and keep warm in colder months giving you a cool look in summer.



Purchase of a Leather Jackets is not easy. You have to give due importance because it is a piece of your wardrobe, which, as I said, will accompany you for many years. It is not necessarily important to buy best leather jacket , but is important also to buy a jacket accordingly to your style and desire. As I said also in article about ladies leather jacket it is a piece of clothing which never never goes out of style but must be fit to your style.


Aviator jackets, bomber type, motor jackets – there are several models that offer totally different styles. For lovers of classical models are recommended as they cut, while those who want to look more supple bomber will choose models that narrows the waist.

Aviator jacket :


Motor jackets:


Bomber jacket:

Classic leather jacket:


Fit neck leather jacket:




Black models are very practical and can successfully complete both a casual outfit and one business. Brown leather jackets have an air vintage and has an original appearance, especially when combined with jeans.

Black :












Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the material it is made coat. In this respect, it is recommended to choose a coat of sheepskin and calf, which are soft, warm and durable for a long time. They are also very durable and leather clothes bull or buffalo, but their prices are much higher. When you buy a leather jacket, make sure that the skin has the same thickness throughout, yes this is an important aspect which you clearly should consider.

If you want to keep it clean and enjoy the leather jacket for years, learn a few simple tricks. First, you have to keep in mind that you will choose leather material and pattern that fits your needs. For example, cyclists using cow leather materials because they are thicker and prevent damage.

Leather Coat hanger should be placed on once you put it on you because the skin stretches and take a stand as if hanging unsightly hanger. Attention and the type of hanger used! For wooden hangers are rigid and can leave marks featured are plastic hangers or fabric.

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