Latest Fashion Trends Spring 2015

Fashion is constantly evolving, some new issues appear, some others old are perpetuated. If you consider yourself a fashion addict to be aware of all the fashion trends is a must. Of course all this information becoming more and thick you have to pass it through your own filter tastes.

For spring 2015, designers recommend floral print coating, flared trousers and, maxi skirts and bulky or the very split or platform sandals.

Floral print coat
flowered jacket

jacket with printed flower

Maxi skirt
maxi dress

Platform sandals
platform sandals

Suede clothes are very trendy for some years and continue in the spring of 2015 leather behaves in the hot months, but designers have thought to come up with a slightly more feminine and easy alternative: suede. You can choose any shade, but neutral designers are among the favorites.

Suede coat
suede coat for women 2014-2015

Experts say that in the spring of 2015 Polo T shirt is the new top. They are versatile and if you are inventive you can make a chic outfit combo.

Polo T shirt
spring polo t shirt 2014-2015

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