Every new season of each year brings new trends in fashion. Sometimes we are amazed, sometimes we are shocked by the changes no matter if we are specialists or simple observers. I’ve said it many times before that it’s important to follow the trends in order to be dressed with style but let’s not forget that the fashion from the catwalks must be validated on the street.

The latest trends bring many times confirmations of some older trends or classic lines which defy time. This summer doesn’t make an exception because we can see that most of fashion designers inspired from the 60’s and 70s fashion. Therefore be ready to see plenty of predictable pastels or combinations of white and black. Strips continue to be on top of the designer’s preferences too.
Also, the fashion designers have a strong tendency for vivid prints, geometrical prints and yes, of course, animal prints.
I’ve seen on catwalks during many shows a lot of beige and cream-colored outfits which are some very nice colors if you know how to use them. I’ve also seen some special tones of yellow which will look very good too if you match them correctly.

Envelope bags are more than a trend, at first sight totally uncomfortable and most of all a little useless, they still can bring value to your outfit. Well, combine them right and you will see. Plus, there are outfits that can’t be worn with other type of bags but I bet you already know that.
The prints are like forever in trends, but in the last two years the floral print has made a sensation.

This summer, along with the floral print, the print with fruits has joined.

So, if you want to add an interesting note, fresh and especially bold you can choose this kind of print. The fruit print will color your outfit, breaking the monotony of an one color dress. You can play with pieces of clothing having this print depending on the occasion.
This summer the T-shirts shrank a lot. The tops are worn very much so the waist stays uncovered thanks to the creators from Moschino, Roche and Marc Jacobs.

You can wear short tops right under your breasts with skirts and pants having high waist.
Another interesting trend it’s the one who is imposing the oriental notes. These trends are very present especially in the last decades no matter the season. The inspiration differs from using the specific prints to exactly copying the cuts, kimonos and other Asian clothing. Prints with hibiscus, dragons and oriental flowers, all of them are present on catwalks.
I’ve also noticed the so-called frills. On the sleeves, on the waist, on the neck, depending on the outfit, they are always present.
A lot of color, freshness and a massive inspiration from the classic lines, these things govern the trends for this summer.

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