Some time ago we talked about hats for ladies, now it’s time to talk about a very important accessory for men – cap.

A cap is an accessory that many men just love him very much. It is an important piece of outfit that can make you look more cool or if it’s not suitable or if you have not worn properly can ruin your image.

Some experts describe as a gearhead cap with a visor which protect you from the sun. My opinion is that it is much more. If you know how to  choose it can be a very chic accessory that can make you very stylish and trendy.

Many years ago, I looked down the street and did not understand how so many people wear caps, although there were fewer degrees outside. In short, i was one of those who believe that cap should be worn only when it’s sunny. All wrong, a hat is an accessory in itself that it can greatly improve your image.

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A hat is, like  a scarf or a muffler and you have to be careful how and where you pairing, but it is very helpful. As we pay attention to what we buy as a regular accessories , we must be careful with caps also.

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There are several categories of men wearing hats. We do not claim that we have covered all but the largest they are:
– Sports dude – one who uses cap like tracksuit is in fact a piece of clothing that rarely breaks
– Eternal teenager, well yes, he is the man who craves his adolescent period, is a man without worries and responsibilities, cap and find something really cool that out of a crowd
– Bald man – yes, do not laugh, there are many who wear this accessory to conceal baldness
– Cool boys – those men who want to be always very cool, and dress accordingly
– Last but not least – man chic, always trying to be stylish, fashionable and intelligent use any piece of clothing.

You should not fit into any of the categories above. Instead it’s ideal to have your own style and be able to dress according to their own ideas and concepts and also to be in trend.
In fact, most men who wear hats are chic as say very concerned about their image, the way they dress and accessories to wear.

Reasons to wear a hat:

–         because it is cool

–         because it’s a useful accessory which will protect you from the sun

–         because it completes very well a sport outfit

–         for its versatility which allows you to associate it with a lot of clothing combinations

When you can wear a cap?

You can wear a cap in any season of course mostly during the warm season when it protects us from the sun.

In what season to wear hats? When to wear?

Well, yes, a very legitimate question, no doubt. You can use the principle hat ever. Noting that it must be appropriate. Summer obviously worn to protect you from the sun but also highlight your style. Those who do wear in winter aware of the importance of this accessory.

Wearing it can make a very big plus and those who use it are very inspired creativity. In fact creativity greatly help us to improve our overall image.
There are of course very stylish models of very high quality, good brand, c epot be worn to a fancy outfit.

One such accessory is very suitable for senior people. As you said, the cap if well chosen, can be worn at any age.

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