This type of shirt has conquered women from all over the world.
Depending on your silhouette, you can choose a tight one or larger one. If you have a less curvy silhouette, you should obviously choose the larger type of shirt.
This shirt is extraordinarily versatile. It can be easily matched with other pieces of outfit and you can wear it on many various occasions. If you want a relaxed style, you can combine a loose dress with a checkered shirt. If you desire to have a chic and urban outfit, match this type of shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. You can even wear it with a short skirt and you will get a very chic look. It is redundant to talk about how seductive you will look like.
Here are some tips that I hope you will find useful:
– The color is very important therefore you should give it the proper attention and choose it according to the rest of your outfit of course.
– Don’t forget about the accessories because they are equally important and can improve a lot your entire outfit. (Indeed despite of the fact that we talking about a casual piece of outfit, if you give enough importance to accessories then you will be able to create different looks for various occasions.
– The footwear is also needed to be in accord with the rest of your outfit so be careful when choosing it too.
– This type of shirt has a very relaxed style therefore you should avoid wearing it in combo with the formal outfits.
– Try to leave one or two buttons loosen at the upper part of the shirt and you will look more sensual.

The checkered shirt is an interesting piece of outfit, very versatile and you should definitely have one into your wardrobe.

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