Wearing sunglasses not only protect your eyes but also provides an interesting look. Sunglasses are a very in vogue accessory, very useful and very good for eye health, after all.
As for that, we should give more importance to this aspect when choosing a pair of sunglasses.

Any person who feels discomfort when daylight comes, accusing watery eyes and a burning sensation, you should wear sunglasses whenever going out.
Besides our sunglasses protect against UV rays, dust, wind, they are good in fighting with wrinkles around the eyes.

The best sunglasses are not the most trendy or colorful, but those glasses that offer primarily a UV sunscreen.
Polarized sunglasses are the best choice, they improve visibility, the image is as clear as that with the naked eye.
Vertical polarized glasses filter prevents the sun’s bright rays reach the eye, thus optimizing visual acuity.

We have discussed in detail some time ago about reasons of wearing sunglasses, so today, I bring to your attention a collection of 10 quality sunglasses under $ 100.


1. Ralph By Ralph Lauren Black Womens Sunglasses

This glasses are trendy and fashionable, and perhaps most important are of very good quality. Made under the brand Ralph Lauren is still a guarantee of quality work.


2. Bolle Copperhead White Sunglasses

It is a plastic glasses with polarized lenses align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times. We are talking about an extremely durable sunglasses with a lens 20 times more resistant to impact the glass and will not gonna believe 3 times easier.


3. Kate Spade Women’s Cat Eye Sunglasses

A young brand, Kate Spade, was founded in 1993, brings you a huge range of glasses extremely  sophisticated and special. I chose this I present above, pink, modern with a good value for the money.


4. Tifosi Dolomite 2.0 Wrap Sunglasses

A pair of very special sunglasses for ladies demanding sports like life. Exactly as I define a bearing glasses above. Tifosi Optics has been designing and distributing technologically-advanced, value oriented sunglasses for sports enthusiasts since 2003. Whether it’s cycling, golf, running or fishing, Tifosi has you Covered with a range of lens technologies and sleek, lightweight frame styles. Tifosi Optics lenses are made from polycarbonate material and always offer 100 percent UVA / UVB protection.


5.  Ray-Ban RB4141 Round Wayfarer Sunglasses

A genuine reinterpretation of the classic 1952 wayfarer release, this pair of sunglasses blends vintage styling with modern curves. The signature stamped temples remain the same, but with the sculpted frame and rounded edges, it develops a look all of its own.


6. D&G Dolce & Gabbana Women’s  Round Sunglasses

Very retro-inspired, this oversized pair of sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana is all about being girly and fun. If you are a modern girl, full of life who appreciates quality and fashion world then you are  clearly in the target of the glasses above. A bargain at the price at which they are sold they re definitely a must in your closet accessories.


7. Kate Spade Women’s Nia Sunglasses

About Kate Spade brand I told above when I talked about the Kate Spade pink glasses, this one – Nia Sunglasses are extremely bold – , has adjustable rubber nose pads for a custom and comfortable fit, while UV lenses are there to provide 100% sun protection. The fabulous Kate Spade signature line of designer sunglasses marry eyewear function with fashion in a variety of styles, frames and colors.


8. Ralph by Ralph Lauren Black Women’s Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in his dream. He was the innovator of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle. Yes that’s the producer said, what i have been notice is indeed a good quality of this fine glasses with very much attention to details.


9. GUESS Logo Sunglasses, TORTOISE SHELL

Made from light material and a durable frame , this glasses represent very good one word – modernism. Yes , truly, they are very modern, and remarkably light , a very nice option for you.


10. Marc Jacobs Women’s Resin Sunglasses

Born in New York City in 1963, yes this is Marc Jacobs, but this not important for us right now…what is important is his creations , especially those from sunglasses area… And they are absolutely remarkable… Believe me this one from above is a must have for this summer!

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