Ladies boots for 2016 fall

The trend when it comes to boots is continuously changing. Still, there is a constant element which I’ve personally noticed: the buckles. Well yes, they seem to be stuck into the preferences of women from all over the world.
Because we are talking about the cold season, the boots must be trendy but most important, they have to fulfill their main role: to protect us from cold. So this aspect mustn’t be neglected.

Boots with buckles
Well yes, the classic and already well known biker boots are having lots of buckles. You’ll be surprised to find out that these boots are not worn only by the bad girls with ripped jeans and leather jackets. Yes, it’s true, and do you know why? This happens because they are incredibly versatile. You should be creative and try to wear them with a sexy dress or with a maxi skirt and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

buckle boots for women 2014-2015

womens buckle boots

buckle boots for ladies

Boots with soles truck
Footwear with truck soles became popular since last year. Very comfortable and necessary when the weather outside is hard, they can be worn in a chic way also when the weather is warmer with a pair of ripped jeans or, even bolder, with a pair of denim shorts.

truck boots

womens boots

ladies boot

Military boots
They aren’t probably the most comfortable boots in the world, but, during the fall-winter season, they are definitely the most useful because they will protect you perfectly from cold, moisture and wind. I’ve also noticed that, within the last years, they are more and more appreciated.

Military boots for women

ladies military boot

ladies military boots

Finally, choose a pair of boots which you like wearing since this matters the most because you’ll have to wear them, not someone else.

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