Knitted Dresses 2015

The dress is, no doubt, a symbol of femininity. When outside is cloudy and cold, you can successfully add to your outfit a knitted dress.

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Many women love this type of dress because it has a lot of benefits and, of course, because it looks extraordinarily well.
This type of dress is also very practical. Actually, with only one piece of clothing you can easily build an outfit. If that isn’t spectacular, then what is? A beautiful dress from thin and elegant knitwear, in a neutral color is a terribly chic option for an office outfit. You can add some inspired accessories like a wide belt and maybe a delicate brooch. As footwear, you can choose a pair of platforms or some over the knee boots (only if you are tall, otherwise it won’t work into your benefit at all).
An extremely important aspect that must be said is that the knitted dress is also very versatile. For example, if you like to wear neutral colors, don’t avoid wearing a beige dress with a pair of platforms. Anyway, you can wear the knitted dresses on many occasions, starting from going to the job to a walk in the park or even when you are going out with your friends.

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