For the beginning let’s see a short history of blue jeans. Well, yes blue jeans can be worn during the cold season too . Made from a thick fabric called denim, which made them hard to get dirty but at the same time easy to wash, the pants made initially for workers caught up the youth of the 60’s.
This type of pants were made since then from denim, a fabric which changed during the centuries. The story of the term “denim” begins in France at the end of XVI th century where it was used a fabric which changed during the centuries.
The pants made from this fabric were sold in the Genovese harbor , at the time a big commercial hub.

The history of modern blue jeans is related to Levi Strauss, a German emigrant , who come to America in 1847 with his mother and 2 sister. Arrived to New York where his step brother was making business with fabrics and clothes , Strauss also involves in business for a few years. During the gold rush he decided to go west to San Francisco. The American gold searchers needed strong tight clothes so Levi Strauss becomes the father of American blue jeans because he starts to be main supplier. The major hit for him was in 1872 when he invents staple pockets and uses them on the pants made of denim, so he creates the blue jeans we know today.
The Levi Strauss brand keeps getting more and more known and the company grows larger and larger over the time. The name of BLUE JEANS impose itself in the 60’s by the young Americans teenagers. Step by step , another brands appear like Lee Cooper and Wrangler.
The responsible for the growth of blue jeans popularity after the World War two is the music but also the movies from that time. James Dean, Elvis Presley are stars who promoted this type of clothing.
It’s very hard now days to find anyone who doesn’t have in their closets at least one pair of blue jeans.

Jeans from Calvin Klein:

Jeans from Levi’s:

Jeans from Wrangler:

Now, let’s see how we wear them because of their universality we’re already convinced.
Skinny blue jeans – very trendy are a little demanding meaning is better to be tall if you want to look OK wearing them. Remember, if you are short you should wear flared blue-jeans or the ones with a classic cut. If you are a little puffy choose only blue jeans with high waist.

Types of jeans according to color:

– Black blue jeans – Ooooh, Yes! Black was and definitely keeps staying a trendy color, always fashionable and easy to match. The advantage of black blue jeans is that you could wear them even with an office outfit , a smart casual or just a casual one. If you decide for skinny black jeans you could wear them with high boots.
– Printed blue jeans – 2012-2013 is clear to be a printed season. Don’t even question that. You can wear them with one color clothes and accessories , without any design.
– Prewashed – This aspect is a great hit on blue jeans. We find this detail on every types of jeans , from skinny to classic one. You can wear them smart making a contrast with some simple high heels shoes and with blouses and coats.

Depending on your footwear, blue jeans can be worn like this :
– For no heel light shoes you have to roll them once
– If you are wearing short boots or heels , you have to roll them twice
– For shoes with platforms you have to wear them long and straight
– For high heels sandals it’s recommended to be rolled up the sandals
– For boots you’ll better cover them with your boots.

Undoubtedly jeans can be worn in summer and winter, without interruption, in one way or another, always keep current denim fashion, about when it was invented. It is practical, highly versatile, sexy and stylish, practical and comfortable.
In jeans area the awareness of the brand matter. Not always, however, the brand is a benchmark and a guarantor. There are many niche brands less known to the general public who are not sacrificing quality and excel in design, sometimes offering proposals perfectly valid and extremely interesting aesthetic reasons. The cost per product, in this case, is often double the marks that enjoy decades of expertise and is justified by small series limited availability in time and sometimes the preferred model customization possibilities.

Did you know that? Their name , “blue jeans” comes from French “bleu de Geneve” a fabric of wool and cotton.

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