Heeled shoes are women’s favorites, that’s clear. Certainly, heeled shoes make you look taller and more elegant. From a pair of jeans and a pair of heels that come in handy, you can create a wonderful outfit. Indeed jeans and heels outfits could be amazing if you are creative enough.

Whether you’re wearing high heels or boots, you should always remember one thing when you go to buy your perfect jeans: make sure the length of the jeans should reach at least half the heel or the base of the shoe, or even down. You don’t want it to be above the top of the shoe because it looks a little shorter than it really is and remember that when you sit down, your pants are slightly raised and you probably don’t want to you give the impression that the material has not reached you. If you have boots and want to display them, make sure you wear them over your jeans, not underneath. (Remember: the rule does not apply to very tight pants).

Jeans And Heels Outfits
Jeans And Heels Outfits
Jeans And Heels Outfits
Jeans And Heels Outfits
Jeans And Heels Outfits
Jeans And Heels Outfits

Heeled shoes that go perfectly with skinny jeans
If you wear heels with skinny jeans, then you have to show your ankles. You can wear almost any type of heel with these jeans. Shoes cut in front will continue the line of the feet and will make them look longer. Since you highlight your entire shoe, you don’t have to be afraid to play with colored heels.

Heeled shoes that match bootcut jeans
This type of jeans must be one centimeter above the floor. Shoes with a thicker heel will make you look much taller and feel comfortable.

Heels that match flared jeans
For flared jeans, the hem should touch the ground slightly. In the warm weather months you can opt for a pair of high clogs cut in front, and in winter you could choose a pair of boots with block heel and a thick sweater.

Heels for boyfriend jeans
Create a casual outfit by pairing boyfriend jeans with your favorite high-heeled shoes, a T-shirt and a blazer.

Jeans and heeled shoes are always a good choice, whether it’s going to the office, going out with friends or partying. But the way you combine them is essential, to be sure that you will be a worthy appearance.
The correct length of the jeans – make sure that the jeans reach at least half the heel or the base of the shoe, or even the bottom. If the jeans are above the top of the shoe, then it will make you look like you have shorter legs than in reality.
Specially cut jeans for high shoes – challenging and special, especially if you choose to wear a pair of high-heeled shoes, which will give the impression of longer length.
Folded jeans worn with heels – you have to be very careful when choosing the model of jeans of this kind, not to look old-fashioned.

Types of heeled shoes:

1. Shoes with a cone heel – the shoe with a round-circular heel, another place where the heel sticks to the shoe and thin at the bottom. They are perfect for a Friday at the office.

2. Prism heels – sides that form a triangle with points down. They are perfect for a lunch out with your parents or when you are having a chat with friends.

3. Wide-heeled shoes – occupy the entire part from the arch of the foot to the heel. They are perfect for when you go shopping and you need your feet to be rested.

4. Heeled shoes – high and thin heel, with a minimum height of 8 cm and a maximum diameter of 1 mm. They are perfect for going to a party or a club.

Matching your favorite pair of jeans with stunning high shoes will not only make you provocative and charming, but will make you confident and happy. Especially when the heads turn when you pass!

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