I gained weight! What clothes should I buy?

If a woman takes a bit of weight, feels it is the end of the earth. If you are an active woman with job, family and children is very difficult to eat regularly go to the gym generally live a healthy life. Jobs we have eat most of the day and then other activities for our figure are quite rare.

Of course, you start dieting, but unfortunately this time and problems are not solved immediately. You instead have to have a picture perfect at work, in the business and not least in the family.

Even if winter makes its presence felt ever, long and voluminous coat you wear makes you look twice as full – no matter how comfortable and practical it is. Do everything about you to remove it, plus do not forget as you get older and very much and do not want in any way that.

Do not worry that your silhouette is not like in the teenage years or you do not have certain standards, it is important that you feel good about yourself and there are little tricks that you can thin silhouette outfits you can save when not you’re so sure.

Long Jeans

Flared or straight, jeans covering shoes are ideal for lengthening silhouette. Tight on the waist and legs, they are worn with high heels (boots, shoes) so that you lengthen the silhouette and also to thin.


Heels and heels and heels…

Greatly assist heels are a symbol of elegance and rightly so. In addition in case you want to hide the fact that they have a larger weight will help a lot.


Low waist pants

Fat on thighs, then surely a little low-waist pants are the perfect solution for you. If body fat has accumulated on the hips, choose a medium length wool jacket, which reach to the knees.

Blouses with V-shaped neckline

When you accumulate a few pounds, most women experience a noticeable deposition of fat on abdomen.In at best, dress and costume shirt with a V-shaped neckline, which distract from the abdomen and emphasizes cleavage (about one part of the body that many of us want to be more extensive). Also choose long sleeve shirt.

Skirt… long one…

Pick a long skirt, not very large but it is important to be longer and elegance. How you can avoid short skirts and very short and also those molded. At the long skirt can very well associate a pair of high heels boots you blend very well be fearless.

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