When the weather is not very nice it is not a reason to lose your mood. So, it is perfect to know a few rules which could be very helpful:

– wear a trench, it is very chic, is perfect for rainy days. It looks great and if you are inspired could complete in a perfect way your look.

2017 trench

– wear a parka, if outside temperature is low. Looks more than nice, and will keep you very warm and dry. Parka is a fantastic choice , and it looks great, being also versatile enough to combine it in various situations.

2017 best parka for rainy days

– a leather jacket is a perfect idea also. First of all looks very chic and could be easily the main piece of your look. A leather jacket is always perfect, even if we talk about a rainy day.

best leather jacket 2017

– surprisingly for you, high heels helps a lot. So when it rains use it without fear.

high heels 2017

– wear a hat, well chosen could be also very fashionable.

2017 rainy hat

Bear in mind that a pair of UGG boots are not a good idea in rainy days.
Above we suggest that you may use high heels. Perfectly true, so try a high heel boots, or, anyhow, any kind of boots could be a very good idea. Be creative and inspired, even if we talk about a rainy day. Important is to keep a positive attitude and also, why not, to feel comfortable. And not to forget, of course to be very fashionable. Indeed, it is important not to forget to be fashionable and very chic, because the bad weather could take many days, so we do not need to be in a bad mood. A perfect weather is not always in our place, but we could be inspired to build a perfect and fashionable look, no matter the weather conditions.

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