How you can dress at work?

If you are lucky enough to don’t have a job which demands a mandatory outfit guideline then you have a lot of options. But if you work within a bank, sales or you have a direct relationship with clients your range of options comes around the phrase “office outfit”.
In the case you belong to the first category, it’s important to still take into consideration the following aspects:
– What impression you want to make at work – you want to be looked by the entire colleagues as a shy girl or as a bold one
– What position do you have in the company’s organizational chart – well, yes, this really matters a lot because if you have a position which is pretty important then your outfit should be decent and impose respect
– Which are your thoughts concerning your future in the company – in the case you don’t want to make a carrier there you can dress how you want, but if not, then you’ll have to dress appropriate
This being said, it’s up to you and the situation you’re in to realize if you’ll go to the office in jeans or wearing a suit.

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