How We Wear Over The Knee Boots Depending On Body Conformation

In winter, put your fashion foot some powerful seduction weapon: over the knee boots. Present on all the fashion runways in all boutiques that respect and all fashion magazines, they are absolute must-haves of autumn in shoes closet.
A fantastic advantage of these types of boots is that they can wear in any season. Well yes it is a great advantage – we wear when it’s sunny with a short dress and stockings color, and it rains a pair of jeans and a cardigan.

Here are some interesting models of over the knee boots in my opinion:

Women’s Knee High Foldable Fashion Boots

Bandolino Women’s Broady Knee-High Boot

Women’s Seduce-3000 Boot

Women’s Seduce-3024 Tigh High Boot

Steve Madden Women’s Boot

Indeed, many models and very beautiful but how we we wear according to our body conformation?

How to wear over the knee boots when I’m short and thick shins?
Over the knee boots may have the opposite effect to that desired, so the best thing would be to avoid heel boots over the knee. If we do not want to give up this model means the boots can wear them with a pair of leather leggings or a skirt that follows the classical body, but never without heels. We must be careful to not fragmented too much flesh.
So choose boots elastic or zipper, not very large because they make it more difficult appearance.

How to wear over the knee boots that are tall and have thin shins?
If you are very tall and lean when long-heeled boots will do nothing but further elongate the silhouette so strongly my advice is to choose a pair of over the knee boots without heels. We must be careful that the boots should not be too loose. We do not want to float in them or look like it would be 3 numbers higher. We must choose boots that come right to the calves.

Over the knee boots are undoubtedly extremely versatile ready to help you jump when you are out of ideas regarding your outfit.

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