How to wear white jeans in 2015

Definitely, jeans are usually the most loved piece of outfit from a woman wardrobe (and a man too I can add). No matter the time of the day, the season, the mood you’re having, the jeans will save you and complete a perfect outfit for almost any occasion.
Among the plenty trends related to jeans, an important place is occupied by the white jeans.

white jeans for women 2015

ladies jeans 2015

best ladies jeans 2015

If you have a nice silhouette with nice, long legs, then white jeans will look perfect on you. I’m saying this since white isn’t necessarily your best friend when you’re a little chubby so be careful about this aspect.
White jeans are extremely versatile and can be used in various combos.

Here are my recommendations:

– wear it with a white T-shirt and you’ll have a clean and cool summer outfit

white t shirt for women

– wear it with a checkered shirt

checkered shirt

– wear it with a bright blue shirt

blue shirt

– wear it with a navy shirt

navy shirt

– denim shirt looks very cool so you could wear that too

denim shirt 2015

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