The wardrobe of a woman always includes clothing suitable for all occasions: from sportswear, ideal for small walks in the park, to lively dresses that attract the attention of everyone. Among these clothes, we also find velvet blouses or gowns, indispensable material in the dressing of any fashion loving. Considered for centuries by the most elegant fabric, velvet has returned to the attention of fashion houses, which propose its wearing both during the day and in the evening. If you do not know how to match the velvet so you get the coolest outfits, we’ll help you! Find some useful tricks to help you create the most exciting velvet outfits and how you can match them for a perfect look.
If you also count among those who are afraid of wearing velvet, because they do not know how to match it correctly with other pieces of clothing, find that, although at first glance it may seem a difficult process, it is not at all like this. Despite the elegance expressing velvet, it can be worn even in the most informal arrangement. Thus, you can choose to match the velvet, satin or silk velvet to constrain the velvety texture of the velvet. If you’re not just a fan of these materials, a velvet dress will fit well with lightweight cotton jerseys and a pair of jeans. You only need a little creativity to create the boldest outfits everyday. In order to remove any clothing from anonymity, she dares to give up her black velvet clothes and opts for tough shades of green, purple, red or blue.

velvet is an extremely versatile material that can be worn on many occasions. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • If you are adept at simple and light gowns, but you want to have an item that stands out, the velvet jacket is the ideal choice. You can match a velvet jacket with a pair of pants and a t-shirt or a straight skirt and sport shoes. In this way, you will be able to create a chic outfit in just a few steps that can be worn both in the office and in your spare time.
  • The velvet dress has always been a symbol of feminine elegance. A well-chosen dress will emphasize your silhouette, especially when it’s right and fully accessory. Although it is an elegant dress, the velvet dress can also be worn in daytime wear, in the office or for a meeting in the city. Just choose simple colors and minimalist accessories to not attract so much attention to the dress. Instead, during the evening, you will look impeccably in a velvet dress with a more sophisticated cut, in shades of red, green or purple. These powerful colors, along with a stylish clutch and a flawless makeup, will turn you into a true podium model at any party to attend.
  • Velvet trousers, wide or skinny, you should not miss your wardrobe. They fit perfectly with the casual-chic style, taking into account the versatility of the velvet. Assorted velvet trousers with t-shirts, elegant jackets and blouses or create contrasts with fur or leather.
  • The velvet skirt is carried in both casual and stylish outfits. Specialists recommend dark, dark, or dark brown velvet skirts that are easier to access. Depending on the model, you can choose the velvet velvet skirt, suitable for stylish outfits or pencil skirts, ideal for casual wear. At the top, choose to combine velvet skirt with blouses and jackets in close shades.

    The velvet costume is a bold choice that will not go unnoticed. Choose a jacket and a pair of velvet pants in red, emerald or blue, for a sophisticated look tailored for evening events. Blouses are obligatory, and makeup has to be a discreet, non-load-bearing.

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