Feminine, charming, reminiscent of the 50s and 70s, skirts and midi dresses are hard to manage. Many women live with the sensation of shortening their legs, making them seem more indolent. That’s the way it is, but there are always some ways that the silhouette can keep its proportions.

They are elegant, stylish, suited to both daytime and special events! Because most women are afraid of the length of hard to manage, below we teach you how to wear these skirts and midi dresses so that your silhouette keeps its proportions.
How do I wear a midi dress? and What shoes to wear with the midi dress? Are two of the most common questions in the fashion area. Since the midi gowns have returned to the trend, a few years ago, they have managed to become very popular and found almost at any clothing store. Even though the midi gowns are easy to find, the same cannot be said about how they can be worn. In fact, the length of the midi dresses is perhaps the most problematic of all types of lengths that exist in the dresses – incorrectly accessorized, the midi dress can give you an outdated or aged look, and additionally … how many women want in a dress, to really draw attention to the lower leg?

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Here’s what tips we offer about how to wear midi dresses and skirts:

The proportions are important – so when you want to buy an elegant midi dress – let’s say from the online environment, make sure you ask for details about the height of the model wearing it and the length of the midi dress itself. Report the information at your own height, so do not make the wrong impressions about how you will look in the midi dress you want. For example, if you are very tall, the midi dress can be turned into a short or mini dress, while if you are tall, you can have other unpleasant surprises – the dress being much longer than you expected.

Shoes are essential – for many women, footwear is the most obscure element in accessing stylish midi dresses. Maybe you will not like our advice, but we recommend you follow with confidence the saying “The shorter the dress, the lower the horn”. Obviously, this also applies to the reverse, and we suggest that when wearing a midi dress whose length is immediately below the knee, the temptation to quit the heels is very great. The stylish midi dresses, by their simple nature, will tend to give you a lesser silhouette, so it’s your job to turn to any craft needed to stretch your foot – and, in terms of shoes, high heels are the simplest option.

How to match it – Assort the skirt with a short cardigan or jacket to the waist or a biker leather jacket.

Length – let’s talk about a skirt or a midi dress, however, Choose the right length. If you are short of stature, the midi skirts should not exceed the knee by more than half a palm. The higher you are, the hem can come down to the half of the calf.

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