One of the pieces that made the fashionistas rage all year long is the shirt dress. It combines femininity with lightness in masterful notes and can be mixed in a lot of clothing. It is a song that has definitely won the female audience, so it will always remain in trend.

A little history
The queen’s shirt or the dress of the night shirt (dress shirts) was brought into the world of fashion by Maria Antoaneta. In summer days the queen wears a simple cotton dress and a straw hat. As the queen was a model for the ladies from the court and from the bourgeoisie, her dress quickly became a fashion. We are talking about a straight dress, made of cotton, taffeta or muslin. She was tight in the waist with a drawstring, and her sleeves were puffy and her legs ended with a steering wheel.
In 1950, Christian Dior took over the man’s shirt and attached a crinoline skirt to it, thus giving birth to the first modern shirt-style dress. The shirt dress nowadays is that dress that closes, like a shirt with buttons partly (up to the waist) or totally (up to the bottom).

How To Wear Shirt Dresses

The shirt dress can be worn at any time of the day. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and stiletto shoes for an office outfit, a pair of shorts and sneakers for a day of shopping, dress and a pair of shoes with a heel for a suitable outfit for a romantic and even in the evening, along with a pair of sequined pants and a waist belt. The shirt dress is an investment of the future, you will wear it all the time. The shirt dress can also be worn as a trench coat, with a basic t-shirt and a pair of sports shoes, it is important to accessorize it properly. Do not wear the shirt dress with other men’s clothing, you may get a little too harsh look. Depending on the shape of the collar, the dress may or may not be accessorized. In the case of a classic collared shirt it can be worn with a statement necklace attached to the shirt or you can wear the loose shirt and a long collar on the skin. If the collar of the shirt is one at the base of the neck like the shirt worn by me, it is preferable to choose the earrings to the detriment of the necklaces. Choose chandelier earrings, long or maybe some finished depending on the chosen outfit.
The shirt dress can be worn classically or with a waist belt for an outfit with a twist. You can also add an oversized cardigan or even a leather jacket.

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