Summer is the perfect season to wear a skirt so I thought it could be a good idea to talk about the sexiest office skirt in latest fashion trends: the pencil skirt.

            As you might already know, it is a slim-fitted skirt with high or low waist, with a straight narrow cut and the hem on or just below the knee. The name comes from its shape: slim and long just like a pencil.

            There is a long history regarding the pencil skirts in western fashion, starting with the hobble skirt, a full-length skirt with a narrow hem, before World War I.

            In the 1940s, the one who designed the pencil skirt as we know today was Christian Dior and called it the “H-line skirt”. It became very popular because fabrics were expensive at that time due to the economical situation so the length of the skirt shortened. Women used it especially for office wear and it was a great hit at that time, as it is today. Speaking about office attires, they can be worn not only by themselves, but also as a part of a suit.

            Pencil skirts can restrict the movement by being tight so they usually have a slit at the back or sometimes a pleat which exposes less skin. When I’m saying that they can restrict the movement I mean that climbing the ladders it’s more difficult, entering a car it’s harder and you have to make short strides when walking. On the other hand, the advantages of wearing a pencil skirt are: it’s impossible to be blown up by the wind, the ventilation by being so tight make them warmer in the cooler periods of time and they show off the female shape which makes them sexier than the boring straight office skirts.

            The best fabrics for pencil skirts are the lightweight ones like tropical wool, Lycra and chiffon silk. Also, the best shoes are high heels, but they can also be worn with flats or loafers for a casual outfit.

            The perfect length it’s just on your knee, never above it, but eventually under it up to around two inches below.

Pencil skirts suites most of body shapes, but you have to be careful if you have a hourglass or a pear shape silhouette because, as they are accentuating your curves, you might look vulgar. There is a solution to avoid that: wear more volume to your upper part, use a bright blouse and high heels in order to balance things a little.

Pencil skirts are versatile and the right accessories can transform your outfit very easy from a boring office look into a chic and stylish one.

Tuck it or not?

If you are wondering whether to tuck it or not, then you must know the following before deciding:

–         keeping it not tucked is more fail-safe, it creates a more relaxed look and elongates your torso

–         tucking it in is recommended if your pencil skirt has a thick or high waistband and will elongate your legs, create a sophisticated look and make a trimmer looking waist, but you can look stumpy if you’re short and it will make your waist look shorter (to avoid that, wear a top in an identical or similar color as the skirt)

Tips before buying a pencil skirt

–         the right skirt has to follow your curves, gentle hugging your silhouette, not squeezing everything

–         always try on the skirt before buying it because the size varies by fabrics

–         the skirt has to be flexible enough to be able to bend, sit down and walk around

Although it seems harder to create an outfit around a pencil skirt, you are worrying for nothing because they are very versatile since you can easily transform your outfit from casual with the help of a basic tank top plus a long cardigan or a slouchy tee in order to go to the movies, to a sexy and sleek outfit by wearing a sophisticated dress shirt at daytime.

Bottom of line, pencil skirts are an interesting to spice up your outfit choice no matter if you are going to work, a cocktail party or anything casual.

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